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5 simple things to help your small business.

Updated: May 25, 2022

1. Get Online!

This may seem like the most normal and albeit redundant point you would think I could make, especially in 2022. But here we are - with many small businesses still thinking they can survive on word of mouth or "people know me here".

If you want to grow at all, and I mean in any sense of the word other than what you're doing right now then being online is a must! You don't necessarily need a website but social media of some sort is absolutely imperative. is a great place to start learning what to do with a website or blog. If you want to learn how to set up social media accounts here is a great place to start And a fantastic article by Mikayla Wyman will help guide you through which Social Media is best for you and your business needs.

2. Get customers to leave Google Reviews.

This one is especially easy. All you have to do is ask a customer to leave you a review on your Google My Business page. This is usually the first thing that appears about your business in a google search - assuming you've taken care of step 1! If you haven't done this yet, here is a great video to walk you through the process

I highly recommend getting this set up as it's the first thing people will see regarding your business. Having them leave reviews (which costs neither of you anything except a little time) is a great way to build your business awareness. The more reviews you have, the higher you will rank in searches.

This also applies to Facebook. If you are operating a Facebook page for your business, make sure your reviews are turned on and encourage customers to leave reviews. Again, the more reviews, the higher you rank. If you don't know how to turn on your reviews this article will guide you through the process.

3. Get a Face for your business.

Again, this one might seem very obvious but I can assure you, it's not! Get a face for your business. What do I mean? A logo essentially. Something people will recognize when they see your business. Having "Stan's Furniture" in plain font is not something that makes people think "I know where to buy good furniture!" It doesn't make people think of you at all.

As a Graphic Designer I would be lying if I said I highly recommend this but if you are on a very tight budget and cannot afford to hire someone like myself, is a good place to build at least very generic logo for your business. Something is better than nothing. You can make something that looks professional there, it just won't be unique.

And a final piece of advise for the logo, use fonts that are easily legible (readable). Fancy writing may look just that but there are so many instances of hard to read fonts that turn into something else entirely - not always good! Here is a great article further drive the idea of bad fonts

4. Be the Face of your business!

Didn't I just say that getting a logo will be the face of your business? Yes - I did. There's more to it however. If you own a small business - you are the face of that business as well. Whether you want to be or not, people will associate your business with your logo and you!

I've met so many small business owners who should be successful way beyond where they are but are simple unaware of how important being the face is. People love small businesses because of the more personal treatment you receive. That human element lost by large corporations. If you are too shy or introverted to speak to people - owning your own business is probably not the best choice for you.

How do you do this? You obviously know your business or else you wouldn't be in it so speak like you would to someone you know regarding the issues your customer is having. You don't need to make people laugh and completely change who you are, you just need to understand a lot of your customers are just like you - they're shy too! By explaining something to them, or finding information for them you've helped them come out of their shell a little as well. It's likely more than 50% of your clients are more like you than extremely outgoing. Here's some great tips to help you improve speaking to your customers

5. Match your look across the board.

One of the most common mistakes I see small businesses make who are already online and using social media is this - there's no continuity between the platforms. On your website, company name (no logo) and items or services you sell and a domain name that is either too long or too hard to remember. Your Google My Business page is a photo of the building outside - no logo, or company name. On Facebook you have a picture of something you sell for the cover picture and a pic of your business card for a logo. LinkedIn is something again different. If someone where to find you online, they have no idea if this is the same company because there's no flow. Nothing is the same or shows it's the same business.

How do I fix this? Use the same picture you have on the main page of your website as the cover for Facebook and other social platforms like LinkedIn. Use the same wording and feel across all platforms so when someone clicks on your LinkedIn they know it's you. Use your logo across all platforms. Make sure that when anyone goes to any page of yours they know it's you.

Final Thoughts

By following these 5 tips, you can improve your business with very little financial cost. Allowing yourself to learn new things while forgiving yourself for what you don't know is the most important part to growing. To check out other tips and see what can do for you, head to our YouTube page.

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