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Resumes are DEAD!!!

That’s a fairly bold statement isn’t it. I mean, how on earth could you possibly get a job without a resume?

I write this in hope that one day in the not-so-distant future, resumes will indeed be dead. Not dead completely but dead in the sense they are now. A bunch of nicely written words (all spelled correctly) to showcase your skills, passion, talents and personality. The big question “How do I showcase all these things on a couple of pieces of paper?”. The answer — YOU DON’T! That is literally the point I am trying to make.

The great resignation is happening, younger people feel less and less content to work for corporations who view them as employee 1476 instead of their name. There’s also a very high chance that you glossed right over the best candidates because of a spelling error or some other ridiculous standard. I have personally reread this article 10 times and I will probably still miss something. So you’re telling me if I do miss a spelling miskate (done deliberately) none of what I say in this article is valuable? Can you see what you’re doing by setting such ludicrous standards? I could get into so many different topics on why the great resignation is happening but this one is going to (try) focus on resumes and why they need to change.

Let me be clear from the start. I don’t hold a Doctorate in Linguistics but that doesn’t mean I’m not an expert. Wikipedia states “An expert, more generally, is a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, EXPERIENCE, or occupation and in a particular area of study”. To which I can say in my 27 years of a working career, I have personally sent out thousands of resumes to different job postings to be overlooked just about as many times. I also own 2 of my own small businesses and completely understand the need to hire the right person from the start.

My field of expertise is mostly in the Construction & Trades type businesses and industries but I know these points can be carried across all work environments. I have heard so many times “No one wants to work anymore!” and at times, it does feel that way. However, by continuing to use out dated concepts and practises, how do you expect anything to change? It is said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”. Well stop following archaic practises then!

So many “GOOD” people are over looked because they misspelled something on a resume or my personal favourite “They need to have a Grade 12!” I am not trying to downplay the importance of education but hear me out. All over the world, the message being drilled into everyone is we are unique and should be able to be anyone we choose. If however, you don’t fit into the so called “Education System”, that’s where we draw the line!

Some people are great scholastically but cannot translate that into real world practise. Some people by Grade 10 of High School have had enough of the system and feel like a caged animal. It doesn’t make them irresponsible, irrational or dumb for that matter; it makes them different. Is that not allowed? To be different? Who do you think would be better at something? Someone who knows quadratic equations but isn’t really sure of what they want to do with themselves? Or someone who knows all basic math, physics, reading and writing but absolutely loves working on vehicles, or cutting hair, or photography or you name a million different jobs (you don’t need a degree for but the world would literally crash without) they are passionate about. Which one do you think would be a better fit for your business?

Are you starting to see my point? Personally, I want the best person working for my business. I want THE BEST!! I don’t want the person who showed they “Stuck it out” but has no passion and no direction. Isn’t having passion AND education the best? Ultimately — YES! But in the absence of both, which let’s be honest is the majority. I’ll take passion any day of the week over Grade 12. Passion is teachable because they love growing in what they do. Passion will show up to work early or at least on time because they love it. Passion will learn because they love it and want to excel at it. Passion will constantly be trying to grow and be better. Passion will see issues in your business and offer ideas for solutions. Passion will watch out for your business because they love what they do and don’t want people affecting that. Passion will grow your business!

Now that we understand we’re looking for passion first, how do we find that in potential candidates? If someone is passionate about something, they will definitely show an aptitude for it. So, first and foremost, an aptitude test. What is something they will need to figure out? What problem could showcase their passion? If you can’t answer this then you need to look into yourself, your business or managerial staff first before expecting something from others.

Use YouTube, Rumble, TikTok, or other types of media to let them show you their strengths on video. I would much rather SEE someone doing what they say they can do than read what they say they can do. Every single business owner has read many resumes where the people have openly lied about their abilities. It’s a lot harder to lie on an aptitude test or video. Set up a channel they can send you“Video Resumes”. Spend time looking for the right candidate. Isn’t 8 or 10 hours of your time searching for the right candidate worth it at the start than months of training and thousands spent only to find out they weren’t the right fit?

It’s time to start looking at things differently. It’s time to start focusing on passion and aptitude over over-priced education. Below is a list of great articles for employers and employees. DO BETTER! BE BETTER! for employers and employees for employers for employees for employers

Start considering the type of person you want for your business much more. Start looking beyond the basic items of so-called minimums. Search for the BEST not the mediocrest! Yes I know that’s not an actual word — that’s the point. You will find you will get much more qualified candidates and a much better team

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