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We offer a wide variety of packages to suit your needs. We can also offer custom packages if you have very specific needs. See our packages and lets get you going! 

Logo Package

Need a new face for you business or haven't got one at all? This package includes full logo development for your business. 

We will start first with discussing what you do, where you want to go and what you value. Once we have a thorough understanding of what is important to you, we will design the "Face" for your business.

This package starts at $250.00

Website Design

Website Design

To not have a website today leaves you at a great disadvantage. There was a time word of mouth seemed that was all you needed. With technology changing almost daily & the way most people search for and review businesses nowadays, it puts you at an extreme disadvantage to your competition!

Advantages of a modern website:

  • new customers can find you quickly & easily

  • can read the positive reviews about you to "sell" your business

  • contact you prior without having to leave their home

  • find directions to your business easily

  • can leave reviews boasting your business

Disadvantages to not having modern website:​

  • difficult for new customers to find you

  • cannot read reviews online - trust issues. Most people avoid a business without a website

  • unsure of your services - contacting you for what services you offer takes time away from booking actual clients 

Let us build you a website you can operate & maintain moving forward. We want you to be as independent as possible!

This package starts at $1000.00

Movie Magic

Does your business need some Movie Magic? Like we said before, over 85% of online searches for business is through a video source. Consumers want to see what your business does visually more than ever. Let us help you get noticed!

This package starts at $800.00

Social Media Growth

Social Media Setup/Growth

Social Media is one of those necessary evils. Some people live for social media, while others would just as soon never touch it!

There are some great advantages to setting up, using & growing your online social presence.

  • Your business will have more "awareness" 

  • you can interact with customers almost in real-time allowing a much more personal experience

  • questions/concerns can be answered automatically without your having to reply

  • whether you like it or not - if you own a business, you own a brand. Showcasing & interacting gives your "brand" a huge advantage

Contact us to show you how valuable social media can be for your business!​

This package starts at $500.00

Media Packages

Media Packages

Need business cards, pamphlets, brochures, post cards or even posters designed? Ginger Commun can help you with this too!

There are many, many businesses who can print you off business cards or any of the other mentioned products. The ones who can actually design you visually appealing, attention grabbing & unique material on the other hand are quite less.

Ginger Commun can design exactly what you want, need & can be proud of!

Contact us today to see how we can turn your idea into a reality!

This package starts at $350.00

Brand Packages

Brand Package

Here is where we start to get into the "meat" of your brand. Yes, if you own a business you own a brand. It has been said "A Brand is a Gut Feeling" someone has about your product or service, it's not what you say it is. That's pretty deep! With this package we will:

  • Offer our advice on your business name (sometimes the name is what's hurting you the most!)

  • Your logo

  • Color palette you'll use on all media (print & online)

  • Fonts used in all media (print & online) 

  • Pattern & texture for your Brand (for backgrounds for websites, stationary, etc.)

  • Photography & animation - the style & color choice of all images as well as company animation assets

  • Illustrations for your Brand

  • The sound of your Brand

  • Layout and Tone of Voice of your Brand - how it will be laid out through different media sources as well as how your message will sound

With your input, we will design a consistent Brand "feel" that will guide you in all your media. A consistent brand feel allows your customers to know it's you in whichever media source they see!​

This package starts at $1500.00

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Digital Strategy

What is Digital Strategy? It's the focus of resources, guides & personnel. By building & having a digital strategy for your business, you have a plan, a destination, a goal! We often try something only to see it get little to no results.

With a Digital Strategy based off your needs & budget, Ginger Commun will "sharpen the arrow & grow the target" so to speak. We will give you a destination, a measurable goal that will not only allow you to see results but make adjustments in almost real-time.

Digital Strategy is completely unique to each business. It's designed and built around each strength & weakness you might know or not know you have. Contact us today to see how we can guide you to success!

Please contact for more information.

Digital Marketing

Even the Kitchen Sink

This is by far our most involved and business "Transforming" option! We will change the way the world sees your business in every sense of the word. This package includes:

  • Everything from the FULL Brand package

  • Movie Magic

  • Website design & SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Social Media set up & templates

  • Outside signage & company vehicles/machines

This will also include the instruction by one of our representatives to go over everything with you, teaching you how to use what we have designed for you. We want you to feel confident and secure in your choices with us.​

This package starts at $6000.00

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